July 25, 2021


Unilorin Dam Resort Centre, one of the tourist attractions in Ilorin town, Kwara state. A serene environment with birds chirping, green grasses, good water view, pleasant staff, sitting area and gazebos. Ideal for a family picnic, group get together, meetings, photo shoots, events, and a get away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Extras are a canoe ride, on site meal from the nearby restaurant, a researchers lodge nearby. However, being an outdoor natural site, there’s a lot of sun flies, you might want to get sun repellent cream or protective wear. As at review, entry fee and canoe ride is 200 per gead. All in all, it’s a pleasant experience there

A recreational center inside the university of ilorin, its not far from the gate by your right hand side,

Looking for a refreshing view! If you are looking for a place of relaxation and to catch up with nature while on campus, then the Unilorin Dam is a place to be!

The elegantly built structure is used for events such as wedding receptions, special outings, birthday celebrations and get togethers to hold. This place is serene and quite modern. It is worth visiting although a token entrance fee is charged.

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