July 25, 2021



This is one of the waterfalls in kwara state. It is a fascinating and voluminous waterfall located between Ajuba in ekiti local government and idofin igbana in oke ero local government Areas of the state. It is formed from Ero River which flows from osun through ekiti state into a main river to a point where the water become swift and descends sleepy into a gorge to form a waterfall known as ERO-OMOLA WATERFAL.

It is a specular work of nature flowing over a length of rock ridges down the high cliffs of about 50 meters high above sea level and almost 70 metres wide at full flow. Ero-omola waterfall is a wonderful site to behold and it is best viewed during the rainy season when the breeze at the fall is cool and refreshing. The site is equally fascinating during dry season when the spot offers an awesome vista of a fabulous network of rock formations. The waterfall is traditionally worshipped by both the Idofin igbana and Ajuba Communities and there are different mysterious stories linking the site to some others in the area.

The site is accessible by road along osi- idofin igbana-Ajuba road and it is about 102km to the state capital and can be visited all year round.

Senator, (Arch) Lola Ashiru, has put effort into preserving and developing the site to make tourists visit the site comfortably. In september 2020 he started the construction of a set of chalets for Tourist accommodation and an office complex, clearing of the environment and grading of the road to the waterfall. After my visit to the Mrs Bolaji Onietan, General Manager, Kwara State Tourism Board and lay my complain about my observation at ero-omola waterfall, she assured me the landscaping/planting of flowers, Construction of railings and staircase to step down into the falls will be put in place.

There is however to provide a gate and sitting arena there, and construct a bridge across the fall for better viewing, especially during the rainy season. When the attraction is fully developed, revenue can be generated through an organised package tour to the site, and gate fees that will be collected at the entrance.

The attraction offers an ideal site for picnics and educational excursions. The state Government and the Local Government Area will both benefit From the site..

I’m Dennis Chukwuebuka Okeke AKA Onye-njem one of AFRICA your number one celebrity Tourist.