July 24, 2021

The Great Pool Of Owu Waterfall

The Great Pool Of Owu Waterfall

The calmness of Owu Waterfall makes me wonder if I am in a different world. You won’t understand not until you visit this great destination.

From Ilorin to Owu Waterfall is about a 3hrs drive. I enjoyed every bit of this great destination. Thanks to omotosho for his guide through these destinations.

Owu Waterfall usually referred to as the wilderness in heaven, is located in the hilly area between owa kajola and owa onire community in ifelodun Local Government Area in kwara state. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in west Africa with a height of 120 m above sea level and cascades 330 feet down as escarpment, with rocky outcrops to a pool of ice cold water at the base. The More you call or scream the name, the more the water gushes out. It is a sight to behold and fascinating each time you visit that vicinity.

Owu Waterfall is one of the most visited waterfalls in nigeria.


1.You can visit Owu Waterfall during both the dry season and rainy seasons.

2.When visiting try go with enough drinking water, food and drinks (mineral’s)

  1. Security standard is 💯%

4.The pool of ice cold water is safe to swim 💯%

5.Go in group to catch more fun

  1. Lastly when going, go with a private car, bus or bike that can wait for you until you are set to leave the destination.

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