July 24, 2021

About Lagos Beach


Travelling to the beach for relaxation is the greatest fun of my life. The experience will never be forgotten.

Most of the beaches in Lagos State are so beautiful. Have been to several beaches in Lagos like suntan beach badagry, ibeshe beach, ilashe beach, Avista Private Beach, elegushi beach, Atican Beach, iceland beach, tarkwa bay beach, la_campagn beach and many more. These various beaches have their uniqueness.

Do you think all the beaches in Lagos State are the same? I don’t think so. Every beach in Lagos has their speciality, uniqueness, package, style, the wave and how the sea breeze flows.

Even some beach sand is different from others.

The development of some Beaches in Lagos State are growing faster and more beautiful. Like, some beaches already have different styles of tent, accommodation for distant tourists to lodge and relax, swimming pool, different varieties of food and drinks, space for game’s like volleyball and long tennis and many more. These developments bring different packages to the beach that makes it unique in their own ways.

I will still explore more and more of this beach. Do you know that visiting these Beaches relieves you from stress? My dearest friends try to visit one of these beaches just for one full day, then, you will understand there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.

I’m Dennis Chukwuebuka (Great) Okeke the onye-njem