July 24, 2021



When they say hospitality at its peak, we talk about iceland beach resorts.

I got a call from the management to come explore their place. Stepping my foot inside this wonderful arena, I was surprised and amazed by what I saw there.

Iceland beach is so beautiful. This beach resort has enough car space, swimming pool, snooker board, volleyball playground and many things to catch your fun all through the day. 

Also they have a lodge to book reservations which ranges from 20k to 45k in different categories.  Constant light and maximum security.

This beach resort has a lounge that can contain close to 100 people and more. Mainly used for listening parties.

The beach resort has a tent, close to the beach. Each tent can contain  close to 10-15 people. 

This resort is cool for relaxation, honeymoon, birthday parties, yearly festivals and many more.

In conclusion, Iceland beach resort is a place for merriment.  “An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease”

I want to use this wonderful opportunity to thank the management of the iceland beach resort for having me.

I’m Dennis Chukwuebuka (Great) Okeke the onye-njem.

IG & twitter handle; icelandbeachresort