July 25, 2021

Atican Beach Resort

ATICAN BEACH RESORT” has been in existence since 2010. This beach is located at eti osa local government area.

Firstly I want to thank the management of Atican Beach for giving me this great opportunity to explore and also enjoy their hospitality all through the day. 

Infact I enjoy every bit of it like their food, lodge, swimming pool, drinks and many more.

This beach is privatized and also standard to the core. Their swimming pool and the beach itself is very clean and even the environment are also clean.

Information needed

  1. Gate fee: 1k for weekly days while 2k for weekends.
  1. Number of tents and category: we have 20 tents located at the front of the beach with different prices. Their prices range from 10k, 15k, 20k, 30k.
  2. Number of rooms and their prices:  for now the total number of rooms they have is 60 in numbers. Although they are still building more 200 hundred rooms, I saw the construction already in progress. The prices of each rooms are
  1. Budget Room is 18k
  2. Budget Plus is 20k
  3. Deluxe Room is 25k
  4. Executive is 30k
  5. Family Room is 35k
  6. Double Bed is 35k 
  7. Premium Suite is 30k
  8. Executive Suite is 45k 
  9. Presidential Suite is 55k
  10. Premium Executive is 30k 
  11. Ocean View is 35k
  12. Ocean View Suite is 40k

      4. Classes of drinks 

          Beer, soft drink, Red Wine, Energy

          drinks, Juice

     5. Classes of food : fried rice, white

         rice, yam porage, Goat meat, beef,

         Chicken, eba, amala, egusi,

         Vegetable and okro soup e.t.c

Guest what? They also have laundry services, lounge, pool, car park and also free WiFi.

Atican Beach is highly secure, the electricity supply is 100%. They also allow food and drinks for free.

I’m Dennis Chukwuebuka (Great) Okeke the onye-njem.