June 18, 2021

Avista Private Beach

Avista Private Beach is located at Okun Ajah. It’s one of the best private beaches you will love to spend your weekends on. 

In this private beach we have different tents where you can come in and relax as long as you want. From my observation, the tent can take in 6 to 8 people or more.

The most interesting thing about those tent, they are named according to different places in each country.

Tent 1:Benares

Tent 2:Bansang

Tent 3:Brihama

Tent 4:Phipps

Tent 5:Camp Thorel

Tent 6:Belombre

Tent 7:Otswe

Tent 8:Soma

Tent 9:Reship

Tent10: Poassi

Tent 11: Merit 

And many More tents on this private beach.

These Private Beach has a VIP lounge and also Lodge’s. It has a well secured car park. Their food and drinks are very much affordable. 

If you are looking to enjoy a weekend getaway or take some time off to enjoy the relaxing and soothing breeze from the ocean, then you need to visit Avista Private Beach.

I want to use this medium to thank the management of Avista Private beach for having me to explore this wonderful private beach.

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