June 18, 2021

The second suspended lake in the world- Iyake Lake and The story behind Ado Awaye

The second suspended lake in the world- Iyake Lake and The story behind Ado Awaye

It was a great adventure visiting iyake lake the second suspended lake in the world. The lake is Located ontop of the hill called Ado hill.

Ado hill simply means in Yoruba language “Oke Ado”. Oke is called hill while Ado is the name of the town on the hill.

Alado was the name of the first king who rules the ado people on the hill. From every indication the Ado town was name after the first king.

The Ado Awaye town you know now is two different town entirely. The Ado people stay on the hill while the Awaye people stay on the land.

What brought about the Amalgamation of these two village was the idaomi war. Idaomi war trouble the two village not until the Ado people and the Awaye people combine together to fight the idaomi war. That was how they where victorious. From that day on, the two villages come together and form one town called the Ado Awaye. Ado Awaye is found under iseyin local government.

“But what still baffles me about this town called Ado Awaye is having of two(2) king’s”. What are there reasons of having separate king’s?.

The Iyake lake was created by God and it’s drinkable up till date. The lake does not have ending and it’s very deep. Animals found inside this lake are crocodile, tortoise and eye-ega(the bird has yellow colour). About two metres away from the lake is a hole which is called Agbomofunyake. It is a foot- like formation, Anyone who put is leg inside the hole ends up in the lake.

You can also worship the lake if you wish.

Iyake lake is a great tourist site to visit. The hill is safe to climb Because it have a stair case.