June 18, 2021

La Campagne Tropicana

 La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is a place for merriment, fun, relaxation, and comfort zone for people coming in to catch fun. 

In 1984, Otunba (Dr.) Olanwanle Akinboboye actualize is vision to build Africa through tourism by developing the first authentic  Africa themed resort in the world – La campagne Tropicana forest River and beach resort.

Inside this destination they have 41 chalets and 30 simi. These are places where you lodge anytime you visit la campagne Tropicana. The 41 chalets are name differently to make it more unique. For example, we have 

*Six chalet in OSO

*Five chalet in Laba

*Five chalet in Kodi

*Nine chalet in Ilerigi ( House on the 🌲 tree)

*Four chalet in Obieze

*Seven chalet in Anago village

*One chalet in ilerimi village

*Four chalet in Amosan village.

Each of this chalet have various prices ranging from 450k to 60k. Note that breakfast and dinner are served free once you stay in any of the chalet, everything inside the chalet are standard. Simi is a small kiosk where they will offer you only bed after making payment of 25k and it’s close to the beach. 

Each of the chalet have their own pool which I also saw the longest pool at lacampagne Tropicana. Another thing you also need to know is that each of the chalet have talking drum at the entrance of the doors for communication. Once anyone want to come into the room they beat the talking drum with the stick or once you need something urgently you beat the talking drum and someone will be there quickly to attend to you.

You might be wondering how can someone ear me. Kubiku is built close to every each of the chalet. Kubiku is a small structure where people stayed waiting for their master to send them on an errand. So immediately you beat the talking drum they answer you immediately.

They also have boat ride and many other activities at the lagoon. The resort also have beach.

I visited the Forest inside the resort called the mangrove forest, where the first ultimate search was held. This forest is full of monkeys and beautiful.

Lastly, Nigeria currency is not use inside this destination rather they use what they called pere. So immediately you go inside, you will change your naira note to pere before you start buying anything inside this destination.

Lacampagne Tropicana is a paradise and one of the best resort in Africa.