June 18, 2021


 Nature is so sweet and natural. I experience the full package of nature at this destination.

Lufasi park is a good place for relaxation, to host all kinds of event, for tours and many more. Throughly Nigeria is bless with wonderful place to visit.

Everything at lufasi park are natural and real. Biologically a natural conservation such as lufasi park can always be use for breathe training Because the sweet soft oxygen flowing round the nature inside the park is incredible. Every point I visited has a name.

Like from the entrance, we have

*Butterfly Garden: you can relax at this point before you will be attended.

*Green Field or Horse riding school: it’s use for riding horses and other activities can be be carry out at this field.

*Eco Hall: This is where we have different sport activities such as volleyball, basketball, football, and other events.

*Animal Rescue Center: The animal being rescue from the Forest are brought to rescue center, cage them and start training them.

We have two lake’s inside lufasi park. The two lake’s are name after the chairman parents in the person of Mr Desmond Majekudomi( Chairman of the park). The first lake is called Lake Nora while the second lake is called Lake Moses.

I still went deep inside a forest called the ekki forest. This forest is so beautiful and name after the ekki tree.🌲 

You can tour lufasi park for close to 1hr and the opening time is from 9am to 7pm.

Recall: Some musical video are shot on this park. Like 

*The best by Davido

*Equipment by flavour

*Wonderful by burna boy

Lufasi park is a home for tourism and don’t forget tourism is life.

Am Dennis Great the Traveller1.