June 18, 2021

IDERE HILLS – The Historical Significances In Oyo State

The visit to Idere hills was like 30min journey from Eruwa town. Finally I got to my destination. Main looking at this hill nobody we tell you this hill is the biggest and beautiful hill in Oyo state. I was shock seeing the size and how giant the hill is.

IDERI HILL is located in Ibarapa central of Oyo state of southwestern Nigeria. The hill of Idere is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria. Idere is very Rich in Tourism generally.

On this hill, I saw how beautiful is Idere town, indeed God is wonderful.

Idere hills have some of the sites and their historical significances;

Eeyore lake – is the natural water pool on Idere hills. Its water is majorly for household and agricultural purposes

Defense wall- it was specially formulated and constructed, it has holes for sighting and shooting. It has withstood wind, sun, rain for over 200 years. It is one of the major relics on Idere hills.

Fish lake — this is a hole on the rock to the right side of Yara that looks like a fish indentation into the rock. Its water is meant for commercial laundry and other forms especially during the dry season.

Three layers rock – It is a three layered rock formation. It is a post/office for the secret police/spy. Areas in front of ‘Yara’ can easily be seen and findings communicated to the guards and palace for coordination.

Yara – Yara means room in Yoruba language. It is the real main gate to the town on the hills proper. It served the trio purpose of security gate.

Atapa Spring – This is atapa spring is located at the mountain of idere hills. The spring is the major source of water to the whole communit

Olorogun Meji – The two large potholes formed inside the rock, it’s believed to have been formed by two rival wives.

Ape Tree – The tree has been in existence for 300 years and his located at the entrance of the rock.

Kosomonu – The name kosomonu mean cant lose a child in Yoruba. This is usually used by parents when searching for a missing child. The cave is one of the highest point of the mountain. From the cave, you can see every part of the community. It also has a tunnel that is used as a hideout.

Fruits: The hills are blessed with fruits. You can pluck from the fruit tree but as for permission.

Closing and Opening Hour – This is a new tourist site and yet to be fully explored, there is no opening time and closing time at idere hills. However, the best time to visit is from 7:00am to 6:30pm.

Idere hills is a fine tourist centre to explore.

Am Dennis Great the onyenjem.