July 25, 2021

The Mystery Behind Eekun Iyawo The Suspended Lake

Eekun Iyawo The Suspended Lake

 I never knew Oyo state is too big not until I visited ibarapa village.

Ibarapa village is the Central Local Government Area in Oyo state, Nigeria. The Ibarapa central consist of Igbo-Ora and Idere Town. Ibarapa people are welcoming people, peaceful and kind. From Eruwa to Igbo-Ora down to Idere town was fun.

I visited several places at ibarapa village and I enjoyed every bit of them. Though, it was stressful climbing the hills and same time enjoyable. With the help of olaniyantravels I enjoyed every bit of these places.

The first hill I visited was “EEKUN IYAWO” popularly known as the suspended Lake.

 “IYAWO” simply means wife. The story has it that their was this beautiful and hard-working woman who loves and Care for her husband to the extend of displeasing  herself just to make her husband happy. 

 On a faithful day, she had to wash her husband’s clothes and cook at the same time. Unfortunately for her their was no water to do all she desires to make her husband happy.

She taught of what to do at that instance, which she later came into conclusion that she will go in search of water on the hill.

She packed the dirty clothes and also what she needs for her cooking. Luckily for her she saw water at the hill which makes her happy.

She quickly locate a spot close to the water and she was in haste because the time was fast spent. She started cooking after setting up what she needed for the cooking and that same time she was washing while waiting for the food.

Unknowning to her the water at that spot was a deep lake. At that point she was in a hurry, trying to supervise the food she was cooking and same time washing.

While rushing, she found out that the food she was cooking didn’t balance well on the firewood cooker and she decided to balance it quickly. Unluckily for her the food fell off mistakenly from the firewood cooker moving slowly to the lake.

As she struggled to retrieve the food from falling inside the lake, she also slipped from where she knelt washing clothes and fell into the lake together with the food she was preparing.

The incident drew the attention of the community to the mountain but no one could enter into the lake due to uncertainty of where it leads, even till date.

It was said that her knees imprinted on the mountain. The knees are still imprinted on the mountain till date and directly beside the imprinted knees (Eekun Iyawo) is a lake. The water inside the lake never gets dry no matter what.

Research have that the lake lead’s to somewhere. It’s not just a stagnant lake. But no one knows where it leads.