July 25, 2021

Second storey building In Nigeria

The Second Storey Building In Nigeria

Travelling from lagos state to ota awori was a fruitful journey. Every bit of what I saw was splendid. I enjoy my moment at ota awori through the help of prince adetunji oluwafemi fadina, He is the chief executive of awori tourism.

After much discussion in prince adetunji office we embarked to see the beautiful places of ota awori.

The second storey building in Nigeria (ST JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCH) was built in 1842. The missionaries were allowed to stay here Because is far away from the town, and it is also a place of worship.

This place is where Bishop Ajayi Crowther translated English Bible to Yoruba, and some of his contemporaries were buried there.

We also visited other places that are worth visiting like the palace of awori kingdom, the Igi Iya-lode tree which I called the mysterious tree.

The Igi Iya-lode tree can only be pluck by the indigenous people of awori kingdom but if you are not from this town, you can’t pluck from it otherwise you will invite problem to your self. Actually the tree heal all kind of sickness and problem when given to you by this people

I saw the currency use during those days and also Bishop Ajayi Crowther chair. 

Lastly, I was so excited when I saw the Dean of the cathedral, vulnerable Nelson Adewale. God bless you sir for having me.