July 24, 2021

The Journey to agulu lake

The Journey to agulu lake

From amawbia I enter a bus going down to agulu town which I later drop at the top of the bridge after 32 minutes drive.

Immediately I drop down at the bridge, I  walk down from the bridge were I find myself in one compound which I was directed after asking people for direction..

When I got to the compound, I ask for Mr Raphael Obi popularly known as MUSA. I saw a huge tall lady I met from the entrance of the compound..

She directed me to the place which I saw Mr musa seating down on a particular chair and also is leg on a foot mat..

I stated my reason of coming and he called out for his son obiora to guide us to the temple of agulu lake..

Within my self I was pondering temple ke.. when I was pondering and wondering how does this temple look’s like the obiora just turn back and I said fear not, nothing will happen to me and I replied who told you am scared of what am about to see. Even me self I prepare for the worse before embarking on any journey..

Getting to the temple I saw a sign board which stated KILLING OF ANIMALS AND THROW IT INSIDE THE WATER IS NOT ALLOW HERE”

I was so curious then I ask him why? He could not answer rather he said you can only throw life animal inside the water…

I later enter the temple, I saw some statue like Lion,tiger leopard, crocodile, ezenwanyi statue and also some Catholic statue like the statue of virgin mary, Joseph, and many more..I kept cool..

We got to the river bank where this guy started calling out this crocodile with bell and some incantation.Behold, four(4)crocodile started coming from various direction which I saw with my own eyes. Although they did not come closer like very close..

The reason why the crocodile did not come more closer is because no sacrifice and I did not come here to pray..I ask him what are the sacrifice immediately obiora reply life fowl and I ask where can I get life fowl right now.The direction he was giving me was another journey entirely so I decided to turn back because am okay with what I saw…

I was met to understand that the ezenwanyi in question, she’s so beautiful and she is the mother of the crocodile infact, she’s a crocodile..

Another findings, if you are evil and you come there to pray, your prayers won’t be answer or you will be eaten by the crocodile

Finally I heard they don’t allow women to visit the lake of agulu temple especially the one seeing her period otherwise she will drop death instantly according to obiora…

Finally Agulu lake is beautiful, maximum security,fun to visit because you will learn more about traditions and lastly Agulu lake is for peace and for good…

I just got to Lagos this morning..thank God for a successful journey..

Am Dennis Chukwuebuka (Great) okeke Ozomena aka onyenjem…