July 24, 2021

My journey to ogbunike cave was adventurous

My journey to ogbunike cave was adventurous.

I Never regretted my journey to ogbunike cave..I travel all the way from Lagos to Anambra state to promote the tourist site..This tourist site is so interesting to visit.

Ogbunike cave is a town found in Anambra state and the village were the cave is located is ifite village.

When I got to ogbunike town, I was so excited in me because am about going to see something different.

The road was smooth, nothing like pot hole because I follow old onitsha road to my destination.

Lastly I got to my destination at ifite town where ogbunike cave was located..The government really try in putting a nice structure from the entrance.

I met three(3) men at the entrance of ogbunike cave which highly welcome me as if am their town people..🤣🤣🤣..that show’s the people of ogbunike  are welcoming people.

After some few discussion and I made my payment before I began my journey to the adventurous cave of ogbunike.

The tour guide given to us was well explanary.

From the entrance to the cave was another journey entirely because you have to climb down to the cave. climbing down to the cave was stressful am now wondering how climbing up we be.

We have 317 staircase  build with hand rail to support while climbing up or down…The staircase is very strong and well balance.

Getting to the last staircase we are ask to pull our shoes before entering the cave because the cave is an holy ground.

From the main entrance of the cave, their was a traditioner idol located at a spot where the tour guide ask us to come and pray in an old ways of our ancestors which I did before entering the cave.

The tour guide Made us to understand that the idol is a good idol that if you have faith all your prayers will be answer and not just that, the spirit that is guiding the cave is called (ogba igwe).

After the prayer we enter under the cave where we found  some water dripping from the rock and the water was called “miracle water ” which if you drink from it, you shall be cure from illness or anything at all disturbing you and I drank from it just to prove to the world the water is clean and not deathly..(video on big time Africa travel tv)

Under the cave we have 10(ten) tunnels or holes that leads to different destination… According to the tour guide some of this tunnels lead’s to king’s palace, some lead’s to express road’s and other destination.

He also show us two tunnels where you can find crocodile and a very big giant python called “eke ogba” which are not harmful at all…The size of the python I sighted was like the size of anacoda. my people I nearly fainted at the very sight of this python which gave me the second thought of not entering that tunnels..

So the tour guide took us back to the first tunnel where my main journey began.

Within me I was so scare, Many thought flying through my mind like if this cave got angry and close the tunnel we entered or something dangerous fallout from somewhere and eat us all.

But the tour guide was giving us assurance that nothing we happen which we embarked on this journey inside the tunnel.

We enter the tunnel crawling (I was walking with my kneels) because the tunnels are very small for you to Stand which took us for some minutes before getting to a point where we can now stand properly inside the tunnel.

I never knew where I was standing was full of “BAT” which is called the “main parlour of the bat  and I was like Jesus immediately I saw the bat hanging up there and the tour guide say to me calm down the bat is not harmful which he explained to me that the power inside this cave is more powerful than outside the cave even the Christian and other religions come’s here for prayers.

The tour guide also made me to understand you can never return your journey back from the entrance you came in  and I ask why? And he said forever, back never.. I thought that is all after seeing the first set of bat, not knowing the next tunnel inside the rock was the BAT   PARLOUR.

Inside the bat parlour, I saw another bat in thousands. After showing me the bat parlour, we have to follow 3 three different tunnels that lead us outside the cave.

I was thinking am done for today when I just heard from the tour guide that i still need to climb  funny mountain.

I did climb the funny mountain that lead’s me to miracle rock where I pray for myself and every friends I know..

And that was how i embarked my adventure to ogbunike cave.

I want to use this medium to thank GOD almighty for making this journey a successful one and I also  thank Mr Collins one of my team member and also the tour guide aka Mr nonso.God bless you all.

Am Dennis Chukwuebuka (Great) okeke Ozomena, Am a travel blogger.

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