July 25, 2021

Visiting tarkwa bay beach was splendid

Visiting TARKWA BAY BEACH was splendid. On 22nd of December I visited tarkwa bay beach and it was a fun, beautiful place to spend your weekend’s, holiday and vacation..

I woke up by 10am feeling so tired, but going to tarkwa bay beach has always been my agenda so I took the bold step today to visit this beach..

The holdup was something else but at last, I got to my destination. When I got to CMS I located myself at jetty where I boarded a boat going to tarkwa bay.

Tarkwa bay beach is so beautiful and unique.. I discovered something different about this beach.. The water of this beach has a different colour entirely; green color to be precise..

The environment of this beach is very cool, gentle and unique… Not just that, the water of this beach looks like a swimming pool and is very beautiful..

As a travel blogger I need to ask some questions about my destination which I did and I found out that Tarkwa bay beach has a boundary between there and badagry seme border and not just that I meant to understand that during 90’s Black’s are not allowed on that beach accept the White’s…what a world…

Anyway I catch my fun and enjoy myself with some few Friends of mine…

you see why i said Visiting TARKWA BAY was splendid.

If you think of hanging out or going on a tour think of TARKWA BAY BEACH because of tarkwa bay beach is very splendid

Am Dennis Great Ozomena Okeke aka the Onyejem.