July 25, 2021

My Visit To Snake Island

My visit to snake island was gorgeous and more interesting.

I have always wonder how does snake island look’s like and if they are lot of snake in that island infact I was so curious to visit the snake island.Mind you my first hearing of snake island was at a TV reality show;Gulder Ultimate Search season 1.

When I got to my destination I discover so many things about the snake island,firstly;Their is nothing like snake in that island rather the town was name according to the shape of a snake that is the main reason they called the town snake island.
Secondly; I discover their are several villages in snake island and also is surrounded by water in every corner of the entrance of each village.
Thirdly;There is this institution call six school located at Nanti village where they normally carryout some training like swimming,martial art,how to ride boat and so many other training carryout there.

Then lastly;The Guilder ultimate search was not carryout at snake island rather at la Campagne Tropicana…the snake island was the place where their training was carryout at sea school inside nanti village.

From my final discovery six school at nanti village will be a great place for cabin crew camping…I urge every aviation school to buy the idea of taking their cabin crew student for camping so that they can learn professionally from the professionals.

Am Dennis Great Ozomene Okeke the Onye Njem…

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