Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations….people travel for various reasons like for pleasure, holiday, businesses,greener pastures and to relocate…

Every various place you visit in the world has a great benefit at each point of time. What are the benefit of travel-:

1.Knowledge:In every destination you travel to,their must be a knowledge impacted in you like knowledge of skills,facts and information.. Knowledge is power and not lost when ever you have knowledge of your destination it remained in you…

2.Learning New Things: When ever you travel to any destination,you intended to learn great things.for example if you are from anambra state and you visited Ibadan for tour,you will find out that everything about them is different like their mode of dressing,language and their style of cooking.. If you are very creative and you learn very fast,you will learn new things from them…No knowledge is lost because everyday we learn new things and will see new things…

3.Connecting With People: Movement brings connection….Travelling to another destination brings connections to one another… In life one of the thing that matters most is connection… Connecting with people brings great friendship between one another..A stagnant persons always remains at a spot…so try to travel to different destination to get connected…

4.It Makes You More Tolerant:Travelling to different destination makes you to meet different people with different behaviour and character..With these you can easily tolerate them and adapt to their style of living otherwise you will always have problem..learn how to appreciate and accept these differences….

5.It Teaches You About Your Self:Travelling to different destination teaches you about yourself, teaches you the test of life….it even makes you feel dependable when you travel out from your home land…it also makes you to know the kind of  people you meet,your orientation,your social skills and finally new thinking…Travelling makes you to see the better side of your self….

6.Gain New Experience:Travelling to a new destination makes you to have a good memory about that destination…Like seeing different thing entirely maybe good roads and buildings and also making you to know new things you don’t have know about… Experience matters in what ever you do in life…when ever you travel to different destination,try to take record about that place for good memory….

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