July 24, 2021


We will talk about and explain how tourism adds economic (and non-economic) value to a country and why does it have so much importance for every country. Why every country looks at tourism not just as attracting tourists but as a platform which supports economic growth and complete development. Why it is now gaining recognition and importance as an indicator towards and a barometer of not just growth & development but also social-economic factors.

Here we do not just list out points of tourism importance. We want to actually know why tourism is important, for countries, for economies and for the world. We want to understand the reasons and factors which actually make tourism important. For this we need to understand tourism definition & meaning, and its structure. It is the nature, meaning & composition that makes tourism important and brings all its benefits and advantages.

This understanding only will build the basis to know and understand economic value & importance of tourism. We will know how tourism plays such a significant role for countries, economies and its significance for wide scale growth and development. And only then can we truly understand and appreciate tourism’s significance and the important role it plays.

Hence, we give you 5 key factors which highlight and bring out the tourism importance for a country, for an economy, for growth and development, for the world, and for the society and nature and environment too.

Tourism is very interesting to understand as we explain later. It is an activity, it is an industry and an important growth driver for a country, its economy and also for its social progress and monitoring. Tourism no doubt brings with it tremendous economic value for a country. It touches and impacts several industries directly and many more indirectly through tourism spend. Tourism is one of the important sources of employment generation and foreign exchange earnings for a country. Due to all this tourism gains much more economic importance for any country.